Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hello World

Hello to any that read this.  My name is Trevor and this is a blog that is going to be primarily about tea.  By tea I mean artisan loose leaf tea (I use that term loosely, no pun intended, as there are brick or cake teas that I drink), not that sugar water colored like tea and not the dust they put in teabags.

 I started drinking loose leaf tea about three years ago, but I have been very shy about diving in full force.  I am not sure why as I love everything I learn about it.  It may be my general lack of money for new teas to try, or my shortage of local tea buddies.

So I am starting this blog as part of my attempt to become a more involved teahead and as an outlet for my thoughts and feelings on the world of tea.

What is a teahead?  Here is my definition.

Now let the journey begin.

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