Friday, June 8, 2012

What? New Teas?!

Insomnia has me in its unrelenting clutches this morning and I found myself recalling I had a blog that needs attention.

After much apprehension and waiting, my long anticipated (and quite overdue) parcel from Yunnan Sourcing is here.  With this I now have 4 young sheng pu'erhs to try and a very tasty looking hongcha.  Reviews will come soon, once I have some time off from work.

My new tea!  Terrible picture quality!
Now what I truly need it someone to share this tea with.  Nothing goes better with tea than companionship (yeah, all those bottled tea producers have it wrong, it's friends not sugar that goes with tea!).  Once again I am saddened by my small (read, nonexistent) group of tea drinking friends.
Mengku '07 being taken out for a spin.  Good first impression.
Until my first review then!

Cheers, Trevor

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  1. hello from Sri...added your blog to Google Reader =)